About Micronet

Micronet's Charter

Micronet is a voluntary organization for IT professionals at the University of California, Berkeley, and others who are involved with or interested in campus computing support.


  • Provide forums, both online and in-person, for announcements of campus information technology-related events, services, and projects, and for discussion of topics pertinent to campus computing services.
  • Facilitate constructive interactions among the organization's members, and between its members and those of other complementary campus groups.

Joining Micronet

You can join Micronet simply by subscribing to its electronic mailing list.

Micronet's Activities

Micronet is dedicated to the free exchange of information, resources, ideas, and tools via electronic mail, publications, and people-to-people networks. The group holds monthly meetings on computing-related topics and sponsors an active, public electronic mailing list.

Micronet's People

To date, Micronet has operated on the contributions of time, skill, and materials by its volunteer members. These include its volunteer coordinators, who typically serve terms of one to two years. Micronet's coordinators plan meetings, arrange for speakers, and serve as moderators at the group's meetings and events.

As of January 2015, the group's 794 members represent a sizeable fraction of the campus's many departments and units.

Micronet's History

Micronet was founded in October 1989, and the group's public electronic mailing list began in December 1992.

Micronet proudly celebrated its 25th anniversary in October 2014. You can find a reflection and retrospective on the group's first 25 years in this article on the UC Berkeley campus's Technology website.