Micronet Mailing Lists

Micronet members discuss topics related to computing support
at the University of California, Berkeley via an active, public electronic
mailing list.

Postings to this list should be considered publicly viewable

This mailing list is subscribed to by hundreds of people, including at least a few guest members who are not directly affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley campus. Messages posted to the Micronet mailing list can be viewed by any current member of that list. Some of the list's members may choose to forward your messages to others or post them in publicly viewable places. The current archives of messages posted to the list can also be viewed by any current or future list member, and past archives are publicly viewable.

While this helps contribute your knowledge and that of the list's other members to your peers on campus and to the world, this also means these messages can potentially be viewed by your bosses, prospective employers, and people who have known you in the past. Please consider that before posting your own messages to the list.

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Mailing list policy

Usage of this mailing list is covered by the Use of Electronic Mail section of the University of California, Berkeley's Campus Online Activities Policy.

Consistent with that policy, the Micronet mailing list is only for carrying out official business of the University of California, Berkeley campus, specifically the discussion of issues pertinent to the organization's charter, and is not to be used for commercial announcements by outside parties or any other unrelated purposes. To help prevent unsolicited bulk e-mail (commonly known as "spam") from being broadcast to the list, the list is configured to only accept messages sent by its members.

At present, the identity of the list's members and the content of the messages posted to the list should both be regarded as publicly accessible.

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To subscribe to Micronet, visit this page:


Click the "Join group" button at the top of the page. If you don't see the button, you need to sign in. The Sign In button is at the upper right.

In the window that pops up, type a display name. This is the name other see next to your posts. Then click "Join this group."


To unsubscribe from Micronet, visit this page:


If you don't see a list of the lists you belong to, you might need to log in.

After logging in with bConnected or Google account, you'll see a list of lists. To the right of each list is a "Leave this group" button. Click the button if you want to unsubscribe from the Micronet list. It takes effect right away.

You can select how the messages are mailed to you. At


There is a button to the right of the list name. The button gives you options to receive All Mail, Digest, no mail, etc.

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Announcements list

Near the beginning of 2015, a new list, micronet-announce@lists.berkeley.edu, was created. It has the following characteristics:

  • It is a moderated list, intended for announcements without discussion.
  • All announcements sent to the announcements list are also forwarded to the main Micronet list.

The main Micronet list, in contrast:

  • Is unmoderated and encourages discussion.
  • Receives all postings to both lists, including any discussion.

Which list should you join

The announcement list is for

  • People who want to reduce the volume of list mailings they receive
  • People who want to see announcements without discussion.
  • People who do not value the discussions on other topics

Everybody else interested in Micronet should join the main list!

People who want to see postings from both list should join the main list, which receives postings from both lists.

Sending mail to the list's members

To send ("broadcast") a message to all of the members of the Micronet mailing list, you can address your message to:


Please review the Micronet mailing list policy before sending mail to the list's members.

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Viewing archives of messages previously sent to the list

Archives of past messages sent to the Micronet mailing list are available for browsing:

Current archive (late April 2016 to date), via bGroups (accessible by list members)
Past archive (late May 2010 to mid-July 2016), via Nabble (publicly accessible)
Past archive (late October 2014 to late April 2016), via The Mail Archive (publicly accessible)

As noted above, some of these archives are browsable by anyone on the web, and any message posted to the list can potentially be shared with non-list members, be made public, and/or retrieved through Internet searches. In addition, while email addresses in the past, publicly-accessible archives were obscured to help protect them from being harvested by spammers, a determined spammer may nonetheless be able to retrieve them and send junk mail to those addresses.

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Common problems and how to solve them

Problem: A message I sent to the list hasn't yet appeared there.

Possible causes and solutions:

Most messages posted to the list typically are received by its members within 15 to 30 minutes. If your message still hasn't appeared after that time:

  • You may have sent the message from an email address that isn't subscribed to the list. Only messages sent from the exact address at which you are currently subscribed will be posted to the list.

    Try sending the message once again from your subscribed email address, or from any of your other addresses that may have been set up to post to the list. (If you need to occasionally send messages to the list from a different address than your subscribed address, you can contact the mailing list administrator, who can set you up to do so.)

  • Your message may have contained a large attachment, such as an image file, Word file, PDF file, etc.

    Try resending the message without the attachment. If you need to refer readers of your message to large files, images, and the like, you can do so by providing URLs in the body of your message, pointing to files which can be viewed or downloaded via a website, etc.

  • Your message may have been sent to the wrong address.

    Sometimes, messages may be inadvertently sent to the list owners' address or to one of the addresses used by the list server to handle requests.

    Check the To: address in your message and make sure it is the correct address for sending mail to the list's members.

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Contacting a human regarding the list

If you should have problems or questions regarding the Micronet mailing list, you can contact the administrator of the Micronet mailing list.

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